A Mostly Good Day: Excerpts From Leelo's Home Record 9/1

A Mostly Good Day: Excerpts From Leelo's Home Record 9/1

Cod liver oil, PB&J, fruit smoothie, 1 vanilla cookie (reinf.), cheezy puffs (reinf.), croissant, madeline, white croissant, refused more than a few french fries. [Lots of all of these except the cod liver oil. No wonder he is so tubby despite all frequent exercise. Once we're over the potty training hump we'll need to work on his compulsive eating. IMHO much of it has to do with being bored and/or eating being a pleasant task involving socialization (he has to ask for his food, after all) which he has mastered.]

Both with Babysitter A: "I want to go work!" when he was downstairs, meaning go upstairs and work, also "I want to be with the girls" when he was on the toilet, meaning he wanted to go be with his sisters. [Both utterances unprecedented examples of increased language generalization, facility, and comprehension.]

Very good mostly. Still a lot of hitting Mom while [he is] on the toilet. But also a lot of imitating other children and wanting to be around them, especially in the pool (sitting the way they sit, jumping in after them, etc.). Also a lot more extended independent and imaginative play (pushing car puzzle piece around like actual car, etc.).

Woke up with poo at 7:00. Another BM in the morning. A few more bits throughout the day. No accidents. Toileting interval 45 min - 1 hour.

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