Carnivorous Under Pressure

This afternoon the director at Iz's school pulled me aside, and told me that she's been thinking about our girl a lot, and that she really believes our girl needs to go to a school that can not only accommodate her, but challenge her. The schools she mentioned are all private ones.

Aiiiigh! Just when I was getting semi-complacent about Esperanza--IMHO a great school that knows how to challenge its students. And, anyhow, it's late in the game...aren't all the private schools full up for 2004/05? And don't they cost something on the order of $20K per year?

I don't have the bandwidth to think about this right now, not after I just found out about some seriously shitty crap going down in my wee cousin Sienna's family. I can't write details, but it's bad. It doesn't affect Sienna yet, but it may in as few as two months.

Forgive me, Ep, but the stress is making me desperate for a steak. Or duck. Or venison. Something meaty and roasted with a red center. Ideally accompanied by a berry/wine reduction, with pureed starches and wilted greens on the side.

Since I am a horrible, horrible snob about meat (so much so that I tell people I'm vegetarian), I will only eat it at establishments providing fine cuts indeed. So we are going to the local place. We are friends with the manager (by chance--she is buddies with Godfather M) so it will be cozy and friendly and soothing.

I'll resume freaking tomorrow, when I can spill the beans for the Bad Moms during Coffee. They'll fix everything for me. Yeah, that's it.

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