What a delightful Mother's Day we had planned. First church, where we get to bask in the warm glow of freaky liberal spirituality while our kiddlings go to Sunday School, and then off to the coast for tidepooling and a gourmet early dinner. Sounds great, no?

No. Because I woke up with vertigo unlike any I've ever experienced. So bad that I couldn't bend over or turn my head without the whole world becoming a tilt-a-whirl. So intense that I barfed all the way to church. So sudden that I thanked heaven for Leelo's still be-diapered behind, and the resulting diaper disposal/barf bags I stock in my backpack.

At church, I tried to will myself into wellness, with mixed results. I remained seated during the singing so as not to fall over. I smiled woozily as we celebrated mothers, and knowingly as we celebrated women for whom this day is painful (this was me for eight years). I remained oblivious to Leelo rocketing past me out of the nursery afterwards, but thankfully Seymour noticed and retrieved him. I met the two-mom family who joined the church today, found out the excellent news that they are neighbors, and managed to call them "you guys" not once but twice. But, despite all the evidence of impairment, I somehow I figured I would be magically better upon viewing the ocean.

Not bloody likely. We arrived in HMB and I promptly started barfing again. Then I begged Seymour to take us back home. Where I slept or lay prostrate on the couch, and brooded about being sick on a day I already had off.

It is nearing midnight, and, thanks to Seymour's running herd all day, bringing me mu-shu veggies for dinner, and gifting me with a Totoro keychain and drawing techniques book, I am feeling somewhat better. Plus Iz was very sweet and Leelo had a great day. Fingers crossed for a much better tomorrow, 'cause I've got shit to do.

Hope your day was grand.

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