I am one of those fucking annoying people who, if you tell me your troubles, tends to come up with stories from my own life to illustrate my empathy, when in fact you were most likely just looking for an ear to bend. People, next time just smack me. I can take it.

We do have a friend who is more annoying in this way than I. Jo refers to her as Sheryl (Kara-TAY!). She is a good hearted person, but doesn't have a clue about compassionate social interactions.

I have many, many examples under my belt, but feel the latest one is the most egregious.

Here is the message I posted on the local mothers club board, requesting therapist recommendations:

You folks prove to be an invaluable resource time and again, and I very much appreciate it. I'd like to ask for advice on an issue I've not seen posted about here.

Because I'm not exactly a type-A personality, I am feeling overextended by the demands of parenting both a gifted child and autistic child. Now we are unexpectedly expecting our third, and I need to talk to someone who can help me develop better coping strategies before this new one arrives in the Fall.

If anyone can give me a lead on appropriate counselors or therapists, I'd be grateful.

I will summarize as permitted.



Her response:

Wow. Well, congratulations!?!?! I've sort of heard
> this message before when my brother was expecting
> his fourth girl in 6 yeaars [sic]!

Now, she did go on to say that they are always around if we need help, etc., which is very generous, BUT. Too many kids is not the problem, entirely. It's the nature of the kids I already have. Sigh. I am too prickly these days.

But this is my blog and I can be a petty little weasel if I so choose.

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