An Ill Whine Blows

Haven't written much these past few days because I've needed all my energy just to get on with basic daily matters. Since last Tuesday, everyone except me has been sick--babysitters, therapists, everyone. I have been on caretaker overdrive. Plus my partner and mutual relief-giver then went out of town for three days, taking--and giving me a break from--Iz, but leaving me in sole charge of one extremely energetic little boy. The result is a me who is whinier than usual and very, very tired.

Leelo has been completely wacko since he got sick--even though he only had a 36 hour bug. Hyperactive doesn't come close to describing my pint-sized hurricane. Verbal stimming, crazy jumping, hitting himself when frustrated, not minding me at all unless I get in his face, running running running, heart pounding, totally nuts. He was useless at the one appointment he got to keep, speech therapy. I spent four days mostly alone with him while he was like this, and it was excruciating.

Except that he'd have moments of clarity where he'd ask me for ten Dr. Seuss books in a row, by name (and Oh the Thinks You Can Think is a very long name). Except his eye contact is better than ever. Except my friends have been remarking on how well his language is coming along. Except his therapists tell me that today's afternoon playgroup was his best one in weeks. Aiigh.

At team meeting this morning, Supervisor M took pains to remind me that he always regresses when he is sick and/or misses therapy. And he was sick last week, then missed two whole days of therapy. She told me to hang in there, to wait and see if he doesn't settle down after a few more days back in the therapy groove.

Also Ep pointed out (not for the first time) that kids often go crazy right before a big developmental leap. Oh, I hope, I hope! It seems to be true in Iz's case, at least. She was an emotional powderkeg all last week, but then on Friday ended up demonstrating some amazing acrobatic feats on the monkey bars ("Mommy, I managed to do it myself!"). These are feats that only the week before had been half-heartedly attempted, abandoned, and then whined about. Plus she has her first loose tooth. Our Ep may be on to something.

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