Misplaced Loyalty

Turns out that, in taking on Dragon Lady S last week, I was championing some equally thoughtless people. But, that's what I get for being so smugly proud of myself--a nice drop kick to the groin. And, yes, I'll find a new subject soon.

Anyhow, I finally got to tell B, one of the moms who witnessed S's Fenry Horde bashing--and whose child is a Fenry Horde student--about my telling S what was what. B laughed.

I then told her the part that really pissed me off--how S was indignant about F.H.'s integrating special ed students into regular classrooms. I told B that this hit particularly close to home, since Leelo is autistic.

B then said, "Yeah, that integration program is great. But you have to be really bad to qualify for that program. I mean, my friend's kid is dyslexic and she's nowhere near bad enough to qualify."

We have another winner in the tact contest! She got the blank, "I can't believe you are able to coordinate your lips well enough to form sounds," look from me, and then I turned away and ignored her for the rest of the birthday party. WTF.

Although I'm not sure she was any worse that the new pediatrician at our practice, who, upon my introducing Leelo to her and telling her about his autism, put on her lugubrious mask and droned, "That's one of the hardest things that can happen to a parent..."

First of all, how the fuck is a statement like that supposed to be helpful or comforting in any way?

Second, I can think of many, many worse things that could have happened to us as parents. Our delightful, funny boy could have been stillborn. He could have an incurable, debilitating, fatal illness. The list is endless.

Stupid bitches. Keep 'em all away from me, please.

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