Foul Mood, and Why...

I have vertigo again. Not quite at Sunday's emesis level, but intense enough that everything looks jittery and green and I want to lie down until tomorrow morning.

But Leelo is currently wearing the very last diaper in the house. So, off to the store. By the time I return it'll be time to release Therapist L, put Leelo in the car, and go pick up Iz from school. Today may have to include a movie marathon afternoon.

Also, our little fucker boy has yet to pee in the potty, despite four days of trying. He just loves peeing in those training pants (mmm, warm fluid all over my bottom!). So we switched him to briefs, which I guess doesn't really change the sensation all that much. As Supervisor M is still feeling optimistic about his toileting endeavors, I'll let her be the cheerleader for now.

The lack-of-potty-pee woud be disheartening enough if Leelo wasn't also a complete nutcase today. Up at 5 A.M., cackling and jumping and squealing and running and all those things no adult is ready for at that time of day. We dealt with it in shifts.

Is it because we let him have saltine crackers and puffins cereal last night--the dreaded gluten reintroduction? Or because he had a long nap yesterday afternoon on the way home from one of his various appointments? We'll wait a few days and see if he settles down before making any other dietary changes. He was a bit wacky after we reintroduced soy, too, but mellowed in four or five days.

Then there's Iz, who, despite my having put a good 20 minutes into giving her the requested "stegosaurus hairdo," yelled and bitched at me all the way to school today. I basically told her that she could bite me, in my calmest, kindest, and most loving mom voice. No one gets to talk to me that way. She gets to talk to no one that way. Subject closed.

And then there's the ending of The Ersatz Elevator, which I found honestly depressing. What is wrong with me? Not even listening to My Baby Portable Player Sound (as chirpy as a song gets) snapped me out of it.

Maybe a fresh new package of diapers will be the ticket.

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