Off to Coffee

With the Bad Moms. Except I gave up drinking coffee at the end of March (which explains a lot of the recent grouchfulness herein).

So, off to steamed soy milk. If you laugh at this drink as more evidence of my being a wanker from California, then you've obviously never bothered to drink of this nectar, and your life is that much the more pleasure-impoverished. Poor you and your prejudices. And no, I'm not being defensive, so fuck off.

I am supposed to be writing the newsletter for Iz's school, and delivering it by noon. I should have written it yesterday. But I am disorganized, and chose to bake chocolate chip cookies with the kids instead. Then Therapist L got stuck in traffic and was almost an hour late this morning. But I'm not going to fret or stay home--I am going to have not-coffee with my nasty little friends, and turn the newsletter in this afternoon. Sue me.

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