Kiddie Dispatches

What's going on with Leelo:

We've got him off of vitamin B6 now, since, according to Seymour's research, the P5P in his multivitamin is equivalent. This vitamin and supplement regimen is scaling down to a non-gripe-worthy simplicity.

His diet is becoming much simpler, too, even though he's still off gluten, dairy, meat, peanuts, and sugary items. The addition of soy makes a world of difference. I'm sure the people near me in the grocery store last night were wondering what the hell all those yelps and yippees! were about, but I couldn't help giving a whoop each time I discovered something else he could eat (margarine! ready-made gluten-free waffles! soy milk!).

We also added in bananas at the end of last week. Just a few bites at a time, so as to not push the sugar envelope. He loooooves them. I am going to make him some banana bread this week (I tried making it with rice milk, and while it tasted good, the rice milk wasn't rich enough and it came out all crumbly).

None of these dietary changes are affecting his behavior or bowel movements adversely (sorry, queasy-tummied readers, but that is how we track his progress or regression).

He is doing well with the yesses and no's, generally. Although he's started to do his standard overgeneralizing in the wake of a major breakthrough, and gets the two confused on occasion.

His sleep patterns, on the other hand, just suck. I think we're still dealing with the aftermath of Daylight Saving Time. He won't go to bed. Sometimes for up to two hours. I think we'll just have to start waking him up earlier in the morning.


What's Going on With Iz:

I got her a wonderful book about reproduction, families, and sexuality of all types. I figured we'd read it together this weekend. So imagine my surprise when I came back in the house after an early morning gardening sanity break, and found Iz not only awake, but most of the way through the book already. I guess I didn't put it up high enough.

She was not at all grossed out or worried...quite the opposite. She is thrilled that she already has eggs in her ovaries, and, as soon as she hits puberty and starts releasing the little buggers, she wants to have quintuplets.

One more reason why it's fun for American kids to read lots and lots of classic English children's literature; then they start talking to you like this: "Mommy, would you kindly make me a doll's dress, just as I have described?" That is verbatim, I shit you not. Good thing she was in the back seat of the car, so she couldn't see Seymour and me turning red in our attempts to NOT LAUGH.

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