My Kids Are Never Boring to Me, Apologies to the Rest of You

Leelo will start potty training this week. Thankfully for this lazy mom, the initial training will take place only during therapy hours. Whew! We have many pairs of those cute Bummmi training pants that are all cotton fleecy softness on the inside, and military-strength impermeable plastic barrier on the outside.

Leelo's been great lately. Crazy-great. Using "yes" or "no" with people who aren't me, Seymour, or his therapists. Giving hugs and kisses to other kids, and trying awkwardly to interact with them. Just being incredibly farking cute.

Makes me leery of changing his diet or supplements in any way, as he's doing so well now. But he's still self limiting to so few food items that we really want to reintroduce the dairy and gluten. Probably we'll take on dairy first, next week. Gluten a couple of weeks later.

Iz learned to tie her shoes last week (none of my doing. Did I mention how much I love her school?). She has been a one-woman shoe tying show ever since. Please don't ask her about it unless you have the time for a full two-footed demonstration.

Iz, wistfully, to JM, "I wish everyone was comfortable talking about reproduction." JM: "Me too, Izzy. Me too."

I called up Esperanza, Iz's school for next year, to ask about setting up an appointment with the principal. It sounded as though they may have been waiting for me to call. Ulp.

Seymour is running around with Ninja Warrior face paint on, courtesy of Iz. I am feeling like yesterday's illness happened to someone else. We're good, today.

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