Anyone Want to Loan Us a Catcher's Mitt?

Just lost a huge post. Gack.

Gist: Talked with our doula, she is of course fine with a hospital birth. But she's not sure we're going to make it to the hospital, or even to the car, and so wants to talk back up plans in the next two months.

She doesn't want us to end up like one of her previous clients, who tried to make the hospital dash and ended up having the baby on the porch, in the rain. The dad caught the baby and was so flustered that he tried to run inside to get a blanket--forgetting that the cord hadn't yet been cut. I don't want that to be us, either.

She assured me that no one can give our baby a vaccination without our specific permission, and that I can leave the hospital as soon as I want to.

And, yes. Hospital birth. I respect my partner and his concerns too much to pressure him on this.

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