Dazed and Amazed

Leelo's potty training started yesterday. He thought it was great--unlimited access to his joystick? Wow! He even devised some of his own discrete trial phrases for the occasion: "It's a penis! Touch penis!"

He also used "I" correctly in phrases other than "I want...," announcing "I open door!" and "I in swing." As always, we'll take any progress. It's good. It's amazing.

No peeing in the potty yet. But it's only day two.

Iz continues to amaze me, too. It's a good thing I greet her proclamations with enthusiasm even if I'm doubting her internally, because she's usually right on the money.

Yesterday, while we were waiting in the lobby during Leelo's OT appointment, she jumped up and down and said "Mommy! I've made an optical illusion!"

Me, internally: "yeah, yeah."
Me, to Iz: "Excellent! Let's see it, sweetie."

Iz then showed me how she'd stacked a hollow yellow block on top of a hollow red block, and how, when you looked through them, it seemed as though there was an orange block between them. A textbook example of an optical illusion, except she figured it out on her own.

As if I should doubt the girl who was assuring plant shoppers at the RWC Nursery that it was "okay to buy Pride of Madeira because only its cousin, Echium Vulgare, is poisonous. But don't buy Foxglove if you have small children! If you want a safe plant that looks like Foxglove you should try Bells of Ireland..." and so on.

Now if they just didn't wear me out so much. I fell asleep on the couch last night at 9:30. Whew.

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