Possibly the best party yet.

The parents of our core crew attended and were incredibly, incredibly helpful--Ep and Jo with the photos and videotaking, everyone with cake-cutting and herding and pizza-fetching and such. The other parents dropped their kids off, which means I didn't have to worry about making people I didn't know comfortable in the middle of localized chaos. So nice. Iz was visibly bursting with joy, all day.

Leelo had his very own babysitter. Who was visibly exhausted by day's end. But thank heavens for her, the stress would have conquered both Seymour and me long before the party ended otherwise. Our boy spent many happy hours in the bouncy house, and only tried to crash the magician's show twice (our sitter didn't quite get how speedy and wily our boy can be).

The magician was quite talented, and funny. I didn't get to watch the whole show as Mali was hungry and declined to eat in the middle of a small room with 20 kids constantly screaming. I also forgot to video the whole primary segment with Iz as the featured player, though Jo took care of recording the rest. Sigh. Badger told me of one of his naughty asides, where he told the kids to give a Magic Wand to their moms. Cheeky.

Seymour was wrecked before the party, he is extra-wrecked now but still went along with Iz's request to have her birthday lunch at that seventh circle of Hades, Chunk E. Cheese. With Sophie. While I am hanging with Leelo and Mali. After going to pizza/character/arcade hell and back, Seymour gets to go cycling as a reward. I hope I get a reward, too. Perhaps dinner with just myself and my infant, tomorrow night?

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