Fit to Be Tied

I can't believe Iz is going to be six on Sunday. Neither can she.

She has traditionally not been the most independent of kids. Original-thinking, yes, but in terms of self-sufficiency, no. She proudly put together her own breakfast (rice krispies and milk) for the first time a few days ago, while we were still downstairs sleeping. I have friends whose kids did this when they were two. She still likes to have us do as much as possible for her, and is not above a little subterfuge when necessary.

Last week I realized that she hadn't worn laced shoes for months, and had her wear a pair on the weekend so she could keep practicing. She wailed and whined, and told me that she's forgotten how to do it. We were in a hurry, so I helped her out. Later on at Merlin's house, she told his parents the same thing.

However, three days ago, when I brought out an old "shoelaces" puzzle and told her that she couldn't play her Lapster until we'd practiced tying all three shoelaces, she had the trio tied perfectly--with narrated instructions--in under 90 seconds. The little shit.

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