Back on Track

Yesterday my new life started, for real. Seymour went back to work after a holiday weekend. Iz went back to school. Leelo had two sessions of in-home therapy. And I had all three kids, by myself for the first time, for the entire afternoon.

So I took them all to Iz's eye appointment 20 miles away, then out for dinner to The Indian Restaurant. (Seymour met us 45 minutes into the meal.) Iz's eyes are looking really great, very aligned, but she still needs to wear glasses:

It all went swimmingly. Leelo needed his diaper changed in the middle of Iz's appointment, but she's now a big enough girl to stay with the doctor by herself while I get things done. Leelo got upset during dinner and pulled the tablecloth/dishes/water off the table, and then dumped his lassi all over himself and me, but I was in a strangely calm place, took it as a learning opportunity for situations to avoid in the future, cleaned it up, and proceeded with dinner.

This was all made easier by Mali's sleeping through both situations. It's going to get a lot more interesting once she's awake for more than a couple of hours each day. Plus, I got to leave the restaurant and Iz and Leelo when Seymour arrived, as I had an Iron Gate meeting to attend to. Mali woke up there and got cooed at for three hours straight, when she wasn't nursing.

Leelo had an interesting mellow and lucid period yesterday, right after he drank rice milk with vegan protein powder in it. He looked at Mali, and spontaneously announced "That's Baby Mali!" Then he said "Baby Mali is crying!" and answered a bunch of other questions that I threw at him.

We got the protein powder because Seymour's been worried about our vegetarian, egg-hating boy's protein intake. I will continue to experiment with it.

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