On the Other Hand

What a luxury it is to have two functioning hands.

Mali prefers to be held whenever possible, so much of my day is spent figuring out how to do things one-handed, or saying "fuck it" and abandoning tasks.

Still, it is amazing what a body can do with one hand, with the right tools. A wide stable serrated knife is all one needs for almond butter sandwiches with supplement powder mixed into them, and cut up into Leelo-sized pieces.

The dishes aren't getting done by me any time soon, though. Poor Seymour has been on semi-permanent dish detail. And the dishwasher seems to have stopped draining.

When I get frustrated, I think about Goatface's friend R, who actually does only have a single hand. She always looks totally together, and I've never seen her ask anyone for help. I am sure she would be chock full of tips--after she stopped laughing at me.

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