Leelo is laid out on the couch for the second day in a row. Poor bit. He is barfing and feverish and sleepy.

At least he only got up a couple of times last night, to get water. The previous night he woke up screaming, vomiting, and completely on fire, fever-wise. Seymour got stuck handling it all as Leelo's howling woke up Mali.

If our boy wants to lie on the couch and watch Totoro all day long, then that's just fine.

I'm prepping for a big write-up of Leelo's current status. I have been pondering what might have led to his current set of behaviors, as are his therapists. And I have to consider that a precipitating factor may be preschool. But in what way? Is attending school stressing him out? I don't think so; he's been making fantastic progress there even when he's been idling at home. I suspect it may be the reduction in one-on-one hours of engagement (notice I did not write "therapy") since school started.

(Can anyone who's ever watched Pinky & the Brain use the word "pondering" with a straight face?)

Leelo's oralness has increased markedly of late. Every fucking thing he can find goes in his mouth. Previously, he would orally stim on/obsess with a few select items. Teacher M, who mans the church nursery on Sundays, remarked on it, and said that Leelo reminded him of a dog he'd had who used to eat everything until they found out he had a vitamin deficiency. And, hmm, we are just wrapping up a five-week anti-yeast program during which we cut out all Leelo's regular multivitamins.

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