Sucky Week

How fast can I type with one hand? Not. Sigh.

This week sucked balls.

It began on a high note, even though I had the flu, b/c Badger showed up with popsicles and videos to help run herd for most of Sun. morning, then MB showed up with groceries and the sweetest assortment of organic cotton baby gifties. Thanks again, both.

Sadly, for each day during the remainder of the week, either a child or a therapist was sick. Which meant continuous double-duty for a certain cephalopod who really needed to get back to her routine to claim her sanity. Not good. Iz and I had reduced each other to 0tears by yesterday's late afternoon (which meant that Leelo & the baby joined in, too).

The only bright spot was Mali's remaining healthy. Until 1 A.M. last night when she woke up howling with a 102.5 F temperature. The on-call nurse sent us straight to the ER, since M is < 3 mos. (I have not yet slept, but can't really complain since this is the first time she's given me a sleepless night.)

The ER folks were nonchalant about M's condition, subjecting poor baby to three separate tortures: a blood draw (which took 3 sticks), urine test, and chest X-Ray.Not to mention an immediate double dose of motrin & tylenol. Even though it all came back neg., & I insisted that she has the same nasty bug we all had and they all agreed, they gave her a prophylactic antibiotic shot. Wouldn't quite tell me why. All happened too fast.

Dr. G, who M then saw this morn for a sick check instead of the vaccines-showdown 2 mo. well baby ceck that'd been scheduled, had no prob telling me what was up. 8 week old babes don't usually get 102.5 F fevers unless it's something like meningitis. HowEVER, he said very quickly afterwards, this latest bug is gnarly and has been leading to extra-fevery symptoms. He wants to play it safe, and wants us to observe M very carefully this weekend. He also said that, had she been one week youngr, she would have been admitted to Stanffford, & would have had a spinal tap. He also said that motrin is contraindicated for babies < 6 mos.

So I am holding her close and will probably be a shut-in this weekend. But now more a worried than a grouchy shut-in.

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