Wakeful Baby

See? I fucked it up. Mali was awake all morning. Occasionally fussy, but mostly just wanting to engage in marathon geeking/smiling sessions. There is just not a whole lot one can do with a wakeful newborn. Good thing she's a cute girl. I managed to accomplish perhaps one or two two-handed tasks all morning.

Tomorrow I go back to work at Open Gate, and Mali goes in the nursery. Fuckity fuck fuck. Too early! Not ready! Maybe I'll be lucky and she'll scream the whole time and I won't have to work at all.

We put Mali in the bath with Leelo and Iz tonight, in her little special bath chair that my mom got for us. (My mom will be pleased to know that Mali is actually receiving baths even though her grandmother is no longer here to give them.) Iz thought it was great, Leelo was disturbed and wary yet fascinated. He watched her the whole time.

Speaking of Leelo, he has been getting a kick out of hauling ass down our really long driveway if I don't hold his hand all the way from the front door to the car. So charming when I'm carrying Mali in her car seat and he gets a good head start. He used to heed our "Stop, Leelo!" yelling, but those days are apparently on hiatus.

Achieved a minor breakthrough with Iz and the homework tonight. She had been intentionally doing messy or "art" writing with every number and word on every page. I used to have a cow and make her redo everything, but over the holidays decided that making sure the work gets done nicely is her job, not mine, and told her so.

Tonight, whenever she would put forth her little challenge, and then ask me what I thought of her work, I would dust off the time-honored "well, what do you think?" and she would declare that it was just fine. But then 30 seconds later she would change her mind and fix it. In every case. It was an almost pleasant session. Whew!

She is still being a pain in the ass during her facilitated playgroups with Leelo and Danielle, not listening to Therapist F at ALL. A solution is needed. Allowing a special snack beforehand is not doing it; perhaps a discussion of expectations before the session and then delaying the treat until afterwards would be a better attack plan.

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