Happy Birthday, Miss Isobel Rosenberg

Today's the actual day. And what a day it was. Church! Children's Choir! Chunk E. Cheese with Sophie and Seymour! Ice Cream with Merlin! Mexx's with Mommy and Mali!

All of this capped off by a trip across the parking lot to B&N to get a couple more of the Ramona books she's been tearing through lately. Finally, our girl is off the almost pure science route she'd been on for almost a year, and back into fiction. Whew. Doesn't mean she didn't fully groove on the rocks & minerals books and samples collection her dad and I got her for her birthday.

Izisms from lately:

She watched Star Wars episodes 4, 5, and 6 for the first time this past week. Now she is all hopped up on finding out how Anakin became Vader. "But I can't wait until May to find out! I can't!" She whines. To which I reply, "Honey, your daddy and I have been waiting for more than 20 years. You can wait four months, trust me. I know it seems like forever."

While listening to Robert Johnson and discussing the legend of him selling his soul to the devil at the crossroads, she asks, "How come the devil uses his pitchfork to poke people in the butt?"

After describing the two boys on whom she has crushes and how they both have crushes on her too and how they let her cut in front of them in lines and how they don't mind when she gives them hugs: "Well, they tolerate me giving them hugs."

And when she was going to bed tonight: "I'd want you to be my mommy even if you didn't do nice things for me." Lump in throat: Check.

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