Good Leeloisms Plus Some Concerns

Mali's finally asleep. I have a babysitter for another 60 minutes. Quickly:

Something funny that Leelo and Iz have been doing lately. Leelo has started tackling his big sister a lot--in an affectionate way--so I've been encouraging her to greet him when he does it. Yesterday this kept ending up in a greetings loop:

Iz: "Hi, Leelo!"
Leelo: "Hi, Izzy!"
Iz: "Hi, Leelo!"
Leelo: "Hi, Izzy!"

Repeat three or four times. It's pretty funny.

He's been much more with us the past few days. Still skimping on the spontaneous language, but great with the responses and listening. For instance, this morning I told him, in regular tone and speech, that he'd dropped his fork under Iz's chair and that he needed to get down and pick it up. And he did, without any further prompting.

Seymour and I voiced a lot of concerns to Leelo's team at Monday's program meeting, about his not making much progress lately and in fact appearing to backslide in many areas.

I worry that they thought we were attacking them, so I just wrote them a letter reiterating that our questions were not in any way an indictment of his program, but rather our asking if the three of them could help us identify any changes in Leelo's environment or program that might might have contributed to his recent spate of nuttiness. My no longer secret concern--which I finally summoned up the cajones to ask their opinions about--is that we might have derailed things by going off the GFCF diet. I really wonder if and fear that it's worth revisiting it.

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