Sleep, Mali, Sleep!

That way I can jot down some quick notes here and not forget them in two days.

Not that I can complain about her sleeping habits, at all. She continues to be an ideal baby. Went down with me and Seymour last night, woke up with us this morning. Not a peep in between. She has on occasion woken up once during the night for a feed, but nothing--NOTHING--to complain about as I don't even have to change position to feed her. Darling baby.

Still has that one-month baby acne all over her face and ears. People who meet her now are giving us the forced "oh how cute" stiff grin. I am not offended. It will clear up.

Perhaps I've forgotten everything there is to know about babies, but I don't remember the other two being so alert at this age. Looking at me out of the corner of their eyes while nursing, or tracking objects, or just engaging so vividly with the world around them. When awake.

She still has my brothers' hairline, that dark sweep across the back of the head from ear to ear, and precious little else. She is starting to get some dark hairs elsewhere on her head, but--if you're not gazing lovingly at her head all day long--she's just bald.

Her eyelashes are starting to change from colorless to dark, but her eyebrows are still transparent. Bright blue eyes, still.

She is just now starting to spit up; she didn't do it at all before. Good thing I didn't get rid of all the urp cloths. We needed so many for Leelo and Iz, but I wonder again if we only started using them later. I honestly don't remember. This morning I burped her as I was lying on my back in bed, with her across my chest and head near my ear. She urped all the way down my neck and all over my hair. I'll rethink that position.

I have probably cursed our good fortune by singing her praises, but she is again a darling, darling wonderful baby. If she does change, I want to have a written record of this luscious time.

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