ALL DONE: Autism Mom in Need: You Can Help

6/16 2:30 PM UPDATE
Some offline friends of Lea's stepped in to cover the balance for the ticket. Thank you so much to J. B. Myers, S. Bass, E. Kusher, JC Meloni, L. Henry, and K. Snead for your contributions! Lea and I are in your debt.

Comic artist extraordinaire and plucky autism parent Lea Hernandez has a once-in-a-career opportunity at Comic-Con San Diego next month. Problem is, things have been rough, cash-wise, since she lost her family home to fire in September 2006.

She can't afford the airfare. Her Texas home town is a looong way away from San Diego, so driving would not be an option even if gas wasn't so pricey at the moment, as she can't take that much time away from her autistic son. But I am thinking and hoping that The Internet Will Provide. Please?

You have been so generous in the past, providing occupational therapy equipment for Leelo's school district, sending my teenage friend Amy on The Sojourn Project when her family couldn't afford it, and helping Iz raise money for Cambodian school kids. I hope I am not abusing your good will by sending out another request. But I am asking for a very good reason: Lea received so much support after losing her house that she feels she can never ask Teh Internets for help again, not ever. I had to talk her into letting me do the pleading.

If you are, like me, one of those autism parents fortunate enough to be able to provide for your children's needs, please consider making a donation. Any amount will help. And please feel free to forward the link below to any autism friends, sites, or boards you think might be receptive.

DropCash campaign page:

Thank you.
P.S. OH HAI campaign ends with the month of June.

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  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    You might want to ad a time frame to this.When does the money need to be colletced by and when will she go.


  2. Thanks so much, Shannon.

    Anon, my best price for a ticket will be within 21 days of my trip, so I'd say the cutoff is about July 4th.

  3. Thanks, Shannon, J. B. Myers, S. Bass, E. Kusher, JC Meloni, L. Henry, and K. Snead.

    I hope I will get a chance to thank you in person when I am in the Bay Area for the CISWY reading.

    You women (and men?) have made my trip immeasurably easier.


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