Today was the last day of school for all three of my children. We have some scattered few plans over the next week until summer school starts for Leelo, but for the most part it will be me and my brood for ten empty days. And Seymour will be out mid-week for a Washington D.C. conference. Logistical challenges, I has them.

A number of my friends are in the same position, so we are trying to think of outings we can take our kids on, places where successful day trips are at least possible if not guaranteed, and where the risks for our bolters and accessibility for our limited mobility kids are considered. And where Leelo has enough space and things to engage him to distract from his hitting impulses. I am thinking SF Zoo, SF Arboretum, possibly an early Santa Cruz beach day?

I also think that everyone should just come over to my house and go swimming or whatever you would call what most of our kids do in a pool. Wednesday morning and Friday morning are particularly good. HINT HINT.

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  1. Hey, that sounds great! I think Rocketina is tiring of the structure of a swim class, but she loves being in the water and always wants to stay longer. I'll ask you for more details next week at bad moms'.


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