Not Really That Bad

I still have a stockpile of Addera1l and Foca1in from those days when we tried to medicate Leelo out of his ADHD, before we realized that stimulants only make him more aggressive and miserable, and before we realized that his ADHD-like behavior stemmed from seasonal allergies that have responded quite nicely to Claritin and its friends for well over a year.

Every day for the last six months I have told myself that, if things get really gnarly and I don't feel like I can get through the day, perhaps I'll pilfer a pick-me-up from that stash.

But I haven't. Not once.

So, no worries. But thanks for all the kind thoughts. Nice people, you are.


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    ah honey -- the one time i've seen you lately, i went on and on and on about me. i'm sorry.

    i can come and help you soon if you like. john's going to be off work, so i could come over on a weeknigh and let you get out of the house for a bit.


  2. I still want to go out for coffee. :-)

  3. Jenijen, friends listen regardless of their own deal, not while waiting to talk about it. Friendship is neither a game of tragedy-trumping nor one of altruism. It is about being mindful of the people you care for.


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