First Day of Summer Camp/School

Trust me, these kids aren't nearly as happy as their mom:

India, Zelly, and Leo Getting Ready for Summer Camp/School

As tiring as was that week without any of them in school or camp, it was doable, and I managed to keep them busy enough that we all had fun. Even though my worn-out body quite literally collapsed every night.

How to Keep Four Kids Busy

The one time we managed to wear out Leelo was when our Hawaiian-resident friend Twister and one of his diving proteges came over to show Leelo serious trampoline techniques. I got tired just watching them bounce. Twister and Leelo have comparable energy reserves, and Twister works at a school for the disabled, so they were a good match.

Here is Twister doing his own thing on the trampoline (divers hone their moves on trampolines before they ever hit the platform/water). His agility is even more impressive when you consider that he is six and a half feet tall.

Summer is starting to feel like summer usually does: warm and glowing, with me perpetually slightly addled. It's not a bad way to be unless you're depending on me for something.

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