Only in the Movies

Leelo did it. He went to a movie theater for the first time, and not only didn't freak out, but sat through a film in its entirety. I am so proud of him. It took a croissant, half a bag of veggie booty, and a lot of M&M's to keep him focused and seated, but he made it. He even seemed to enjoy the whole experience of being in a movie theater, the dark lights, sugary treats, and hugeness of the screen.

Unfortunately, the sugar rush from the M&M's kept him popping out of bed from 8:30 to 10:30 PM despite his exhaustion from a morning of riding his tricycle in the sun, an afternoon at DoubleTrouble's twins' multiply-bounce housed birthday party, and an evening ABA session with Therapist R. So the sugary bribes were not a great idea. But I think we can probably get Leelo through another movie on the veggie booty alone. And then phase that out too, like the responsible behavioral modification-oriented family we are.

I am proud of Mali, too. A year ago she couldn't sit through Happy Feet, and six months ago she spent most of The Golden Compass yelling at the characters on the screen. Last week she watched Kung Fu Panda quietly, only getting out of her seat a few times -- and once it was so she could boogie down to Kung Fu Fighting during the end credits.

I should have posted about Leelo's successful movie experience earlier. But since I joined Twitter I sometimes forget to update the blog post-tweet as apparently it's hard for my brain to process more than one digital information upload. If you want the most recent info on what we're up to, it's usually down there on the lower left hand side Twitter section.

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  1. Yay, Leelo! Yay, Mali! What mature and well-behaved children, sitting all the way through a movie! :):)

    Love, Laura :):):)


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