Izzy Billy Goat

Here is my strong, capable daughter scaling a very tall wall, in a flash:

Iz, Really Good Rock Climber

This girl inherited her tennis-playing grandmother's body. She is all natural muscle, unlike her mother, who has been naturally gooey even when swimming and (okay, shut up) cheering competitively. Mostly I just gawk at her and wonder how that body came from mine.

Obviously, I have been misunderstanding that body's needs, because when she came home from her rock climbing day, she declared it to be the "Best Day Ever of My Life!" and was still sweating glee. That body of hers, its craves exercise and the resulting endorphins. *lightbulb* Natural mood enhancers for our so-easily-grouchified girl? 'Twould be welcome.

She's brought home the National Fitness Something-or-Other Certificate two years in a row, an honor that few of her classmates achieved. This should have been a clue, but my neglect of her body's needs is understandable -- her head and mouth draw rather a lot of attention to themselves. But we'll be pondering more ways to get her full-body exercise.


  1. CHEERING? YOU WERE A CHEERLEADER? Even this ever good-girl was not a cheerleader. Thanks for teh giggle.

  2. E recently went rock climbing with her Brownie troop and it was much the same (although I believe she is more in the "gooey muscles" category than the "natural athlete" category).

    Rock climbing is definitely a great way to get high! (pun most definitely intended)


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