I have a BlogHer conference call in five minutes. The four other women on my panel kick so much blogging ass and do it so graciously and eloquently that I may hurl upon hearing their voices. But I suppose it is important for someone to be the slacker and whiner, so as to provide diversity of attitude. Regardless, I feel so very, very privileged.

I hope I will resort to neither of my usual interpersonal conversation techniques: chattering nervously or clamming up.

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  1. I had them too. Butterflies, that is. But there is so much great stuff to talk about that it's worth it to me. And I heard nary a hurl...

  2. yrtcjnzam looking forward even more now to the confab! superb to "meet" everyone.

  3. sorry somehow the word verification code got into my comment!

  4. It were fun! Susan, thanks again for arranging everything; Kristina, it was lovely to "meet," truly.


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