Good Online Behavioral Resource

Ah, the free. We loves it so much.

BETA (Behavior Education Training Associates) maintains a great site for information and advice on topics from collecting data to eliminating toilet accidents.

As the person who initially sent the link to me commented, if you have or work with a child on the spectrum, it is worth your time to read through this site. I imagine it would be especially useful for families contemplating or running their own behavioral program.

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  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Check out the Sunday NJ Star Ledger article -- Youths rally for disabled rights in schools. Teenage mentors want their schools to provide curriculum on disability rights movement, skills training on how to interact with those with disabilities, and discussions of various disabilities. They have already sent their proposal to the NJ State Dept of Ed.

    What a great way to educate our youth about disabilities -- in our schools.

    Imagine how these kids would treat Leelo and pals. And model for their teenage friends how to interact and so on and so on.

    A great way to chiesel away at exclusion, ignorance, and cruel behavior (like the little boy "voted" out of his classroom).

    FROM JERSEY GIRL, your greatest fan (although others might fight me for that title!)


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