Agent Orange

Me, walking Mali down the hall: "...and you're such a big girl now, you're getting so tall."

Mali: "Oh! Can I be four years old now?"

She also didn't realize that my hair was gray on the top. "It's orange on the sides, though." Which means it's time to sneak off to the salon. My lid is mostly fried, so I'm quite curious to see what they'll be able to do with it. "They" being the new salon people I'm trying out, as my beloved stylist/doula is off having her own baby and can't attend to my head.

If you're coming to BlogHer and want to say hi, look for the woman with radioactive orange hair. Or a red fedora.

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  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    YOU KNOW WHAT, THOUGH. The more fried your hair is, the better the color sticks. Win!


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