Naked Special Needs Fundraising

A friend wrote in, asking why we hadn't yet considered this form of fundraising for SEPTAR:

Though flashing our bits for charity is something I'm sure we'll consider, we're still doing fairly well fundraising via Can I Sit With You?. New story up today, Pat Gallant's Once Upon a Stairwell.

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  1. if you need some help with the bits showing, i'm always happy to help a good cause.

  2. Unfortunately I'm unable to follow gwendomama's example. After four children you'd need a microscope to find them.

  3. You know, I'd do that. I surprise myself by realizing that. Probably because I don't have to be alone and naked.

  4. Oh - at first I thought it was close up frontal nudity. Not so pretty on this romanesque figured gal. But an ariel naked shot for money for a good cause, I'd do it in a heart beat.


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