Want to Know a Secret?

Okay. So those of you who have read Jennifer Graf Groneberg's book Road Map to Holland or her Pinwheels blog or her ParentDish column are probably wondering, "Is she really that lovely, really that nice, really that kind, really that thougtful?"

My friends, it is all true and even more so. What a treat it has been to meet her and talk to her in person. (Thank you, panel moderator Susan. Thank you, BlogHer.)

And I heartily recommend you read Jennifer's book. It doesn't matter if you have a child with a disability, doesn't matter if you do but your child is not like her child. This is a book about one of my favorite subjects: mindful parenting, parenting in the moment. Through crises, and through good times. (With an absolutely kickass resources and reference section.)

Hope to have a real chat w/Vicki Forman and Kristina Chew as well. But if those planets don't align, I've still got my interpersonal high for the weekend.


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    me, to you, too.

    which is to say, all that you've written is exactly how i feel about you.

    i wonder if people know how smart and kind and funny and caring you are? it's been my great treat to see to be true, for my own eyes.

  2. And now I know how ferocious yet diplomatic you can be, too! Nice is always nice, but nice plus steely and brave is better.

    Thanks for everything, my dear.


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