BlogHer Bound

Social anxiety, you can kiss my butt. I am really looking forward to BlogHer!

Firstly, I am speaking, on an absolutely amazing panel: Blogging About Our Children With Special Needs. It's on Saturday at 1:45, and you'd better be there. My co-panelists are goddesses of special needs parenting writing: Susan Etlinger, Vicki Forman, Kristina Chew, and Jennifer Graf Groneberg.

Two short high school stories outline how I feel about the company I'll be keeping:
I loved being on the swim team, because I was pretty good, and won a lot of events. I started to think that maybe I should take the sport more seriously. Then we went to a swim meet at a high school across town, and one of their swimmers shut down our entire team. She swam the 500 freestyle -- that's twenty pool lengths -- doing the incredibly strenuous butterfly stroke. That girl was Janet Evans.

I also daydreamed about being a singer in a ska band. (Not that I could sing.) One day, as a bunch of us sat outside the ASB office eating our bag lunches, a friend casually trilled a line from The Special A.K.A.'s "Girlfriend." Her voice was like an electric current. I exclaimed, "Dude, I didn't know you could sing!" She laughed nervously, put her head down, and went back to her lunch. That girl was Gwen Stefani.
The different between then and now is that I already know about the world-class talent of my co-panelists. Speaking with them will be an honor.


I'll also be selling Can I Sit With You? shirts and books and giving away stickers during the BlogHer Swap Meet, Saturday at 12:15 - 1:30, in the Olympic Room (second floor). I get to share a table with Minnie, who may sign her story in your copy of Can I Sit With You? if you ask nicely. I might also have a nine-year-old assistant helping me hawk those wares.

P.S. If you're not able to come to my panel but so wanted to, here's what BlogHerista Elisa Camahort had to say:

[Panel] recordings will all be collected by our partner ListenShare, and then distributed via iTunes etc. We should get links within a couple of weeks of the conference and will post accordingly.

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  1. Go girl! Have fun and say the stuff we all need you to say. Your voice is not alone and it is nice to know, neither is mine.

  2. you are on fire... and I am an idget for not going to BlogHer.

  3. Jennifer my dear, BlogHer is not cheap. The BlogHeristas have done a great job in offering BlogHerships and creatively including those who couldn't otherwise afford to go. But if I hadn't been invited to speak, and wasn't local, I don't think I could have justified it, budget-wise.


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