Mali Meets Grover and Abby Cadabby

BlogHer08 was a vortex of wonderment in many ways, and not just for the adults. The BlogHeristas kindly arranged childcare (truly fantastic childcare) for us speakers, which is why my girls were onsite and got to meet Grover and Abby Cadabby in the BlogHer Sesame Street Lounge:

After this initial meet-and-bearhug, Mali decided to turn it on for her beloved Muppets. She sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in its very loud entirety to Abby. (Which apparently made Abby's puppeteer cry.) She can work a room, our girl.

That was the only time Mali was happy to be taken out of childcare. Every other time I came by to check on her and give her a kiss, she screamed, ran away, and refused to come to me. When I finally did have to take her away from the fantasy land of attention, treats, crafts, and games that was BlogHer08 childcare, she cried for almost fifteen minutes. And she is not a crybaby. Today she spent most of the morning asking after her friends in the childcare room.

BlogHer staff, if you want to know whether or not to use the same people for childcare next year, Mali says yes please.

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