Autism's Got Talent

Here's today's test to separate the flinty bastards from the soft-hearted super-sucks. As much as I posture about belonging to the former group, five hankies later am I firmly sobbing on the shoulders of the latter:

I consider America's Got Talent to be the televised equivalent of Reader's Digest. But I love seeing everyone in the show work so hard to be supportive of David and his family.

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  1. Wow. The only time I've been GLAD that someone is getting a hug from Jerry Springer.

    Thanks for sharing - I haven't been watching AGT for the reason you mention, but I may have to now. SOB!

  2. Yeah...cried and cried. What a beautiful kid. Just last week I threatened to have my 3 year-old go on and sing his rendition of "Bohemiam Rhapsody"..."Ben" was probably the better song choice for audience appeal. ;-)

  3. Stupid monitor. It's all blurry. Make room of the softy bench.
    I'm only bringing the orange slices. You shut up.

  4. Is Jerry Springer an enormous man, or is David a tiny child?

  5. What a beautiful video.

    Also, thank you for giving me an outlet - today was the kind of day that left me needing a good cry, and that video was just the trick.

  6. doggone it squid, my husband had just opened a brand new box of kleenexes for me, and now i've already made inroads.

    you are sooooo in trouble now.


  7. Okay, I am a super soft hearted suck, because I cried and cried. This mom of an austitic kid rejoices with little David! That little guy is amazing! Thank you, you flinty hearted mommy.

  8. P.S. I totally usurped this clip and posted it myself, with proper credit to you of course. Thanks.

  9. omg. beanie watched the clip of this on hulu over and over - i had no idea until checking in with you today that he has autism.

    i am sobbing.


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