Considering Paralyzing Your Facial Muscles?

Why do I keep forgetting to permalink Salon's Broadsheet? Oh yeah, it's the fucking pink accents and the WHY WHY WHY? with the fucking pink accents. The same reason I instantly dismiss any book with martini glasses and high heels on the cover, unless someone I trust intercedes.

Daily knee-jerk reactions aside, I do adore the reporting in Broadsheet if not the styling of the web page on which it occurs. Without Broadsheet, I might have missed this excellent video smackdown of "medical cosmetics:"

(Be warned, the word "boner" is mentioned.)

I watched it with my nine-year-old, and she was appalled. She found the entire concept of dodging aging by poisoning muscles and injecting potentially lumpy substances subcutaneously "creepy."

"Why would anyone do that?" she asked.

"To avoid these," I said, as I made my forehead wrinkle.

"But that just happens!"

"Yeah, well, our culture is unrealistically obsessed with youth and perfection."

"But you didn't use any of those things, and you even look forty when you're really only 38!"

*snicker* "Yeah, well, I have three kids. YOU three kids. And anyhow, don't think it's only women who get those treatments. Men do it too. If they can afford it. Those treatments are really expensive. It's all pretty stupid."

"But I can understand plastic surgery, I mean you'd want it if you got your face blown off."


(Modern plastic surgery's origins come from WWI trench warfare and the resulting flood of severe facial injuries.)


  1. Wise girl, our Iz. I'm glad the future is in her hands. :):)

    Love, Laura

  2. I watched it, then had my daughter watch it with me. She was educated AND amused!

    There's a scary lady next door who had lap band surgery nine years ago. She now weighs about twenty pounds less than before the surgery, having gained most of what she lost back.
    Real-life examples are most instructive.

  3. Oh yeah, massaging the lumps: AAAAAEEEUUUUUUW!


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