Come to the Swap Meet and My Panel on Parenting Children With Special Needs

I will be selling Can I Sit With You? Tees and books at the BlogHer08 Swap Meet, at 12:15 in the Olympic Rooms. Come by!

Then I'll be speaking on the other most important parenting panel at BlogHer, Blogging About Parenting our Our Children With Special Needs. Tower Room A.



  1. You weren't at the "Can We Still Blog Naked?" panel, so you don't know that someone (I didn't catch her name) was nearly in tears because she had found Can I Sit With You? in the swap meet and just the concept meant so much to her that she had to talk about it.

    That's a sign of good work!

  2. Thanks Debbie! Sarah Dopp was kind enough to tell me about Mena Trott's declarations regarding CISWY. Just seeing the book's title made her step back a few paces, SJ and I told her some about the book, but I guess it was overwhelming. She had to go away and think for a while, and then she returned and bought the book. And then she went to her panel! :)


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