Technorati Glitch

Technorati apparently only parses one URL at a time. So, even though this blog's URLs shroomhead.blogspot.com and www.squidalicious.com both resolve to the latter URL, to Technorati they are two separate beasts with two separate (and highly diluted) ratings.

I would so very grateful if anyone who has favorited or linked to me before would be willing to redo so at www.squidalicious.com rather than the blogspot URL. You can favorite instantly via this handy-dandy button, even:

Add to Technorati Favorites

And let me know if I can do the same for you.

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  1. Done (on my link list). As I am not technologically competent, consider it a mark of my fondness for this blog and all it stands for. :-)

  2. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I just changed the link on my blogroll. I clicked the technorati link you put up but I don't have an account there.

    Do I need to change my feed subscription? I just read through Google reader.

    Any sort of linky-love you want to give in return would be appreciated, but not necessary.

  3. done. & thanks for the simple headzup.
    i am very looking forward to seeing you. irl.

  4. Emily and Carrie, you will need to send me your URLs as they're not linked to yr comments. Fanks, 2x each!


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