Mind Your Shoes

Leelo has taken to swiping shoes and then taking them for a stroll. (Iz's friend Violet's pink Crocs, in this case.) This is a FYI for your next visit to our house: Keep an eye on your footwear.

Leo Trying Out Indigo's Shoes

It's so damn cute to see him tromping around in his dad's shoes!

He has also taken to completely unrolling the toilet paper, stuffing it in the toilet, and then flushing it. We have had many many recent plumbing emergencies. Seymour has become quite handy with the snake, so we're mostly covered, but just in case you're powdering your nose then next time you're at our place and thoughtfully consider taking the toilet paper from its perch atop the tank and affixing it to the holder, please don't. Thanks.

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  1. Oh cute (the crocs, not the TP). We also have a little shoe thief. Very sweet to see him tromping around in J's slippers or my sandals.

  2. We have a shoe thief, too!
    We also have the fellow who is regularly winning the cup in TP Speed Usage.

    There's a reason why, when we rebuilt our house, we had 150 sheets of TP capable toilets installed, but no TP holders.


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