In the Middle In the Middle

Leelo adores They Might Be Giants, especially the song "In the Middle." Look how delighted he is, watching his favorite video of the song for the four thousandth time on YouTube:

The video is a charming homemade fan affair, with a goofy protagonist who reminds me of my cousin Greg, which then makes me sad because Greg moved to Japan five years ago.

Okay, I'm back. The video also features streets edged with enough piles of melting snow to remind me why I'm never moving my tender California ass back to Central New York. But I digress, again.

I just hope the movie's creators don't think their video has experienced a huge surge in popularity, when in reality it's just one happy, giggling little boy with autism, watching their movie over and over and over again:

I hope they know that their video is really, really appreciated.

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  1. Leelo and my son look so much alike it's spooky.

  2. that is amazing. that video has so many cues to and from mali - as soon as she sees leelo bounce in tempo, she starts bouncing and singing, checking with him to see if it's still funny.
    it is!!!

    and i am totally learning that song.


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