After a Weekend Away

I am sunburnt and exhausted but happy and more in love with my friends than ever. And Ms. Jane! She can sing show tunes, even lesser-known ditties from Guys and Dolls. She's got the timing down, too. I am smitten.

Two things that made me pogo-stick in the back seat: Stumbling upon the UCSC Agroecology plant sale that I've meant to go to for years but haven't actually attended since 1996, and finally getting to go to Ricardo Donnelly chocolates. Mr. Donnelly's confections kick those of Mr. J. Schmidt right out of the park, something the instantly ensorcelled Ep will back up. I got me some of his brownie mix.

Much else happened but I am wonked and so will write only that I enjoyed the hanging out at lovely beaches and chatting away, the constant laughter, having the mellow time to pay attention to and think warm thoughts about the feisty little being in my belly, and the fantastically gorgeous hike to Frank1in Point--even though the path was overgrown and poison-oak infested.

Tomorrow is Leelo's first day of school. Aick! How interesting it will be to see how he is with other kids his age. The very thought makes me nauseated yet I am thrilled to my toes.

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