Leelo Milestones

Leelo figured out how to ride his tricycle yesterday, all by himself! He only got about three feet, but it was entirely self-directed. Seymour, Iz, and I all broke out into applause and cheers. The boy seemed pleased--this is something he has initiated and pursued on his own, with only moderate coaching from the rest of us.

Our short boy has also finally grown legitimately big enough height-wise (he's plenty big width-wise) to wear size three pants. This only a few months before he turns four! I have boxed up all of his size two clothing despite a few lingering still-fitting pieces. He will only wear age/size correlated clothing for now.

He couldn't find me for a scant few minutes yesterday, and so stood at the top of the stairs yelling, "Mommy? MOMMY?" Name usage is a big deal for him.

I asked him what he wanted to watch yesterday afternoon, and he said "I want to watch The Wiggles!"

Okay, first of all, IMHO The Wiggles only used Australia as a launching pad. They are originally FROM HELL. Gaaah! Second, he's only been allowed to see them in hotel rooms when we're on vacation, so what the heck? How did he even remember them? But, as with all long spontaneous requests, he will get what he's asked for. And then I will leave the room.

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