Leelo had an EEG at Stanffford this morning.

We had to keep him up until midnight last night and then wake him back up at 5 A.M. this morning, so he would be properly sleep-deprived for his 8:30 A.M. appointment. All this because they needed him to fall asleep during the procedure.

This is what he looked like during the exam:

They had to swaddle him in sheets so that they could glue all the wee electrodes to his scalp and chest. Then they had to secure all the electrodes in place with a gauze wrap that left only his face showing. Oh yeah, he just loved it.

The technician assured me that she was used to screaming, non-compliant children, but I wasn't really worried about her, nice as she was. No, I was sick with sorrow over not being able to communicate to Leelo why we were torturing him for an hour. He was absolutely terrified, and sobbed for 30 minutes straight until my 50 refrains of Good Night finally got him to zonk out.

Then she woke him up by flashing bright epilepsy-inducing lights into his eyes. Poor little bit.

Thankfully we've a two-week buffer before his MRI. I'm guessing they'll have to sedate him for that one: his final neurology test. Afterwards, the doctor is supposed to tell us what the combined MRI, EEG, metabolism, and amino acids tests have revealed--if anything.

Therapist L is here now, and is trying valiantly to work with our groggy boy. I am going to take a five minute nap before retrieving Iz from school, and then picking up Danielle for the afternoon facilitated play group.

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