Two Exciting Weekends

TLF and I have some great plans for this weekend. Or rather, I have some great plans and hope she's up for them.


-The cafe is closed, so we will hit the Suraaaj lunch buffet instead. I've been to visit her in Phx three times, and we've yet to find comparable Indian food. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome.

-Afternoon of slothfulness. Perhaps a walk up to the caves.

-Dinner at Godfather M's faboo restaurant in The City. Sans kiddies.


-Up Pasta Bowl. Go to excellent, wacky farmer's market. Stuff kids with the best ice cream anywhere. Let them go nutty at the huge crazy playground. Deal with my super-strong craving for soft polenta with pesto, goat cheese, and caramelized red onions.

-Go on lovely afternoon drive from Pasta Bowl to excellent beach which is supposed to finally have good weather this weekend. Avoid sharks. Have dinner at beachside restaurant.

Monday: Lounge and recuperate, then put her on a plane for home.

I'm also getting excited about the next weekend--our annual foray into hedonism and self-indulgence--even though we don't leave for eight days. Ep! Jo! Ms. Jane! Alas, no JP or Badger, even though I had carefully arranged things so that the latter playmate could share my room and I'd finally get to tie her to her bed...to stop her from smacking me because of my damn loud pregnant snoring.

It will be fun nonetheless. We will do whatever we like! Browse bookstores! Go to the beach! Linger over coffee, having conversations that last longer than five minutes! And everyone else can tie on as many as they'd like, because I can't.

Um, yes, that is my definition of hedonism. Sad, eh?

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