Poo is Funny!

Leelo's got this weird GI thing going on, where now almost every night he takes a big poo within a couple of hours of going to bed. Most inconvenient for everyone involved, especially if he wakes up during the diaper change, as that means he'll be up for another two hours.

Last night he had a late night poop again. Only this time he decided to take care of matters himself.

Seymour, who was sitting in the office next door to the kids' lair, heard the telltale "clang!" of the kids' hamper closing, and went in to see what had happened. He found both kids in their beds with their covers drawn up to their chins. So he went back to work.

A few minutes later, Leelo started retching and gagging. Seymour went into investigate again, and discovered that, in the act of disrobing and taking off his soiled diaper, Leelo had managed to cover his sheets and comforter with muck. When he pulled the covers back up, he'd begun to asphyxiate from the stench.

Seymour called for me to come help take care of the bed, while he whisked Leelo off get scrubbed. As expected, and much to the now-awake Iz's delight, I found poo everywhere--on Leelo's wadded-up jammies, on his sheets, on his socks, and of course on the dry-clean-only comforter.

The diaper, however, was nowhere to be found. Not on the bed, not under the bed, not in the trash, not even in Iz's bed (where she insisted I look). Then Seymour hollered to look in the clothes hamper--and, lo, there it were. I guess it was hard for Leelo to tell the difference between the trash and the hamper in the dark.

So, you've got to give the little guy points for trying to do the right thing. And for absolutely making his sister's evening--in her world there is nothing funnier than farts or poo.

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