That's My Girl!

Iz's class had a mock election yesterday, "Se elige el presidente." She brought home a handout with all sorts of pictures and information about both candidates. For instance, "George tiene un perro llamado Barney, y una gata llamada India. Él es de Texas."

By the way, has anyone noted how much first daughter Barbara Bush looks like Posh Spice? Anyhow.

Apparently Iz was incensed that several of her classmates voted for Mr. Bush. She told them that they shouldn't vote for him because he isn't a very good president; he lies and he cuts down trees. Yeah! Go Iz!

The discussion got her needing clarification on several issues. I hope we did good.

She first asked me why I think Bush isn't a very good president. I told her that he isn't doing the job he was elected to do. I told her that the American people elect their president and that s/he is supposed to work for us, for our best interests. Mr. Bush, on the other hand, is only working for the interests of his friends. That is neither fair nor right.

"Yeah," said Seymour and Jo later on, "It's as if the parents of the two richest students in your class paid your teacher to only teach those two students and ignore the rest of you."

Iz's eyes got wide and she seemed to really get it.

Then she asked my why both my and Seymour's parents are voting for Bush. I told her that her grandparents worked very hard all their lives to make enough money so that they and their families would feel safe, and that they think the Democrats are going to pass laws that will take away an unfair amount of their money. She seemed okay with that.

By the way, Therapist F's car is now sporting a Bush/Cheney sticker. WTF? She can't even vote! I am guessing and hoping that her partner the investment banker put it there.

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