Patriotic Duty, Part II

I may not have mentioned this before, but Leelo's preschool just happens to rent its space from our church. This means that, while I am hiding from all the little monsters during my ten minute work break, I can hang out in the social hall and browse through the flyers. This opportunity is what made me realize how little I am doing about my political concerns. Plus they have stacks of free Kerry bumperstickers!

Anyhow. Jo's comments a few days ago from an anonymous conservative got me wondering what personal freedoms that nameless person considers dispensable. Are people truly so cowed by The Terrorist Threat that they consider privacy battering rams such as the Patriot Act and Section 215 tolerable? What do you think?

Consider what the ACLU has to say about it.

And if you think they're flag-burning freaks, consider the Quaker perspective.

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