When You Are Really Tired

You leave a bag of "to be composted" foodscraps on the porch and then forget about it until the next morning, when you realize that the raccoons sure as hell didn't forget about it and now your porch is covered with slimy rotty vegetable bits.

You deny that you are tired and take the kids up to many fun places in the city, then return home and realize that you are so tired and sore and stiff that you could care less whether the kids watch TV until bedtime, or have baths, or brush teeth. Especially since they fell asleep in the car on the way home and will be up until midnight anyhow.

You mindlessly trawl awful sites like this, and then chuckle over entries such as:
i have two daughters--sapp*hire dea*nna and amet*hyst b'ela*nna. my husband is a sttar trrek fan so we compromised with the girls having
star trek middle names. i name my daughters after my two favorite gemstones and they both are truly precious to us.

And, ideally, at some point tonight, you sleep.

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