Two Grouches

As I think I've mentioned before, Leelo is back on just about all foods except chocolate, peanuts, and citrus. I don't think we'll ever do much citrus until he's potty-trained, as it gives him a huge diaper rash, but it is time to start experimenting with the other two.

Leelo jump-started the chocolate reintroduction himself, yesterday. He spied the cookie display at the grocery store, and loudly announced, "I want a chocolate-covered cookie!" He got that cookie, damn straight. So what if it was only 9:00 in the morning.

While he tucked in, happy as a vindicated mole, I got weirdly and pre-emptively defensive, just waiting for someone to jump all over my ass for letting him eat chocolate in the morning, so I could then chew their judgmental butt off. Why? Just grouchy, I guess. It's been hot for too long.

Iz is currently in her room with her tutor, doing her best to make that pleasant, earnest lady's life hell. Sigh. She is a cute girl, but we need to get her some sort of isolation chamber for when the grumpies hit. Maybe it's the heat with her, too.

This morning, as I was walking her to school and explaining to her that, when we get our minivan, we will need to start practicing dropping her off on the corner, she turned around and announced that I could start right now--she could walk the rest of the way herself. So I left her at the corner of the schoolyard and observed as she meandered around, dawdled, and finally made her way over to her room in plenty of time for class. Another milestone.

She refuses to be known as Iz at school, btw, even though she's never been called anything else. She is Isobel, with the Spanish pronunciation. That is what her teacher calls her, that is what all her classmates call her. Weird. I keep wondering who it is they're talking about.

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